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Our offer of 2014:

Portrait class – fantasy class – classical realism – sealife – advanved – monochrome- animals








8 responses to “Workshops

  1. Hi,
    Marissa i would also be very interested in the perhaps attending one of your four day workshops, If you would please send me any information that you have about schedules and availability.

    Thank you

    • Dear Mark,

      Thank you for your interest.

      We are putting up a new English class in my studio in Holland, which will be held in December or January.
      Expenses for this 4-day Masterclass are now 450 euros and will be limited to 4 people only, so every student will receive a maximum of guidance by me and my assistant. The first 4 subscribtions will receive this discount on a normal price of 550,- euro.

      If you decide to enroll for this workshop, I would be happy to assist finding you a suitable B&B or hotel in the area.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to drop me a note.

      Kindest regards,

  2. Hello Marissa,

    13-16th of januari I did the masterclass photorealism with you.
    Hereby I would you and Carlo recomend to all people who have any doubt to enroll for this workshop, thinking they can’t cope with it.
    I was one of them, but did quiet a job, didn’t I?
    Sadly enough I didn’t finisch it, but some day show you the final result.

    Thanks again
    Love you both

    • Hi Cor! Thank you very much for the nice words and your devotion during the workshop, we enjoyed it a lot and hope to see many beautiful artworks of you. X Marissa, Carlo and Mickie

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  4. Hello, do you have any plans on doing any classes in California and when will your dvd be coming out. Love your artwork and I for surely hope you put up more you tube vids. Thanx

    • Hello Martin, thank you for your questions and interest. This year we will be in Houston, Masachussets south Easton and Chicago. Unfortunately not Chicago.
      Houston might be an option for you though, and choice between a monochrome portrait class and four day portrait class. Just let me know and I would be happy to forward you.
      Kind Regards,

      Marissa Oosterlee

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