The big 5

Today I don’t feel so well, so I guess I better don’t paint with those shaky and trembling hands full of sweat and a head that almost explodes… How can people not get sick, of those “weather-mood-swings”?

It reminds me of the big 5 I went to see a short while ago. It is one of the best organizations I know of, taking care of the big cats that are neglected , sick or had another bad scenario they went through.

It was sunny when we arrived, but raining when training the cats. I went with 2 friends (and students) and we had a wonderful experience, feeding the cats and training them at the same time.

At the end of this year they will get an even better home, a great survival-park for them to play in and not get bored. I learned that the cats in a circus have a better life then the cats in a zoo that are not being trained at all, while I always thought it was the other way around. It does make sense, because I have seen how smart they are and how they are dying for attention and some playing around, like a dog, and get rewarded when they do something right.

The foundation is called “Pantera” and I will be happy to go back again and see them in their new surrounding…

If you would like to support them, please check out their website:



2 responses to “The big 5

  1. Hi Marissa,

    In this short time of knowing you, I met a woman who has a great love and care for animals, in particular your prairie-dogs you talked about.
    But this is something else!!
    I thought I saw a pussycat!!
    How great these animals are, wich such strength and beauty!!
    I can imagine that it was a great experince for you…
    Hopefully today you feel a little bit better than yesterday !

  2. Hi Cor!
    They are actually quite sweet 🙂 But you always need to be careful, they are still wild animals and one jump will kill you.

    I got to play with a little cub, only 6 months old, so sweet and playing all the time. It was like a dream.

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