ETAC paint rocks

Today it is so hot, the sun shines through my  window, I’m trying not to sweat and concentrate on my painting….

Bloody paint dries so fast on my background, brushing it on with a big flat brush, not able to get the effect I want it to have because of the heat. I will be so glad to move to my new studio, much cooler 😉

Luckily I got my Etac FX paint, because this is the only paint that still seems to work during this heat! My airbrush (Iwata micron) and airbrush-paint behave like nothing is wrong, and force me to go back to use them instead of working on painted backgrounds with acrylics…

Well okay then, if they want me to play it like that, let’s do it! I hope to show my finished painting soon, but I’ll be quit busy moving stuff around and arranging all kinds of things I normally don’t.

So here’s just a funny picture to fill up the space…. me and Itchy cuddling.

Enjoy the sun today!

Marissa -x-


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