Totally cool

So what’s new?

Well…. this is! A new art-shop filled with professional material only, lot’s of advice and feedback if needed and great prices. As soon as the website is completely finished I will be publishing the link to the website.

For now the regular shop and studio are open as announced every day on my blog under “openingstijden”. You can stop by for your favorite materials, advice, a cup of coffee or to see the Gallery.

An extra service: If you are in the middle of an important deadline and you break your nozzle or needle or you are suddenly out of some of your material, you can always try to ring me to pick it up till 22.00h. If I am in the studio or in the area I will help you out!

Ordering via email is also an option, if you need etac-paint, erasers, parts for Iwata, Iwata equipment or medea-art tools. Just drop me a note or give me a call on 0681200981   Shop: Loosterweg 4 a, Voorhout

So chick back on a regular base to see what I’ve been up to 🙂

-x- Marissa


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