Ideas and…and…

I just wanted to make a small update about my future plans and ideas.

I have been working on illustrations for my stories again, painting on an illustration – made up for and during the fair, for Tulipland, working on the Holland series and collected some energy to stand on the show everyday in Tulipland where I do live demonstrations till november the 14th, and I have donated the painting to Tulipland where it can be seen during the new, upcoming season.

I must say I like the atmosphere and people coming there, talking/asking me about my art and the beautiful art of Simon Balyon, who painted a big panorama for Tulipland during the past 2 years. We are situated in the same hall and today I met Simon for the 1st time in real life. He is a great person with a lot of passion for his job.

Having this said, i wish all my readers sweet dreams and a glorious day for tomorrow.


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