Work in progress

Just a little sneak-peek into my studio… this is what I am working on right now, an assignment made  with brushes and airbrush, acrylics on board (Etac FX airbrushpaint and Liquitex acrylics). Hope to finish it next week. Sizes are 28 x 37 cm

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do, Einstein needs a new eye :-), a lot of edges need to be softened and some damage repair in the face/chin, and of course the whole part under the face…. to be continued.


4 responses to “Work in progress

  1. Wonderful as always Marissa.i love to see your airbrush in action.its realy magic every time you turn on your compressor and so inspairing..looking forward to seeing the final painting…so far its AMAZING !!!

    • Thanks Yaniv, a long time ago since I used it 🙂 I did miss it… will work on another time consuming airbrushed painting in the mean time, while producing my series of pin ups and Holland-paintings.

      -x- Marissa

    • Thanks Angel! I use acrylics on this one. The face is set up with an airbrush and the background with brushes. I will blend everything with brushes and pencils when all colors are in the right place…

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