Cleaning up… giving away

….the studio!

Finding back what I lost a while ago and redecorating stuff so I have a maximum amount of working-space. Getting kind of cosy in here. While cleaning, I always feel guilty that I don’t work, but I guess cleaning is working too… I’ll repeat that a few times to myself until I am convinced.

While cleaning up I found this to make someone happy:

Anyone that would like to receive a cool new pen with a letter on a matching key-collector H, B, V, E, S or I can send me an email and I will send it to you for free. You only need to pay for the  postal expenses. Which depends on the country I have to send it to.

As long as stock is available …

-x- Marissa


4 responses to “Cleaning up… giving away

  1. Hallo Marissa

    Nou dat aanbod sla ik niet af ben 10 jan hertrouwd heb alles met achternaam Smit maar nog niet met mijn nieuwe naam Verhaegen dus zoiets dat jij aanbied lijkt me wel een leuke start

    Groetjes n

    Margriet Smit

  2. im sending you this e-mail.thinking the pencils are long gone, but im triying anyways, (you may have one left,maybe under the drawing table,,,;) so im crossing my fingers to hope to get the last one, my name is angel by the way.

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