Today’s view


I know it is queen’s day today and i should be celebrating it, but change of plans and back to work.
Today’s view is breath taking. I enjoy drawing the cows that I see, being lazy in the grass and sometimes go up for a walk to the water to drink along the riverside.
They are brave, the big and wobbly cows, balancing on 2 frontlegs to drink their water…
I also enjoy the sound and view of birds, like the grutto thst you can recognize by it’s call “too-gruut-too-gruut-too” and many waterbirds. Let’s not forget the hares that jump around over each others back and the many nice boats passing along, waving at me and looking at me like they never saw anyone drawing or painting before.
Where ever you are and what ever you do, I hope you enjoy your view as much as I do enjoy mine.
Have a lovely day.

X Marissa


3 responses to “Today’s view

  1. So you had the cows wondering what a beautiful lady with strange attributes was doing in the meadow while they were drinking…

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