Oil in progress

This painting I started a few months ago, as my first oil painting, except for the one when I was a kid.

It is not finished yet, and just dries for a new layer.

The size is 90 x 120 cm on canvas, prepared with some gesso layers, an imprimatura and underpainting. From there on it has been build up with several layers, that dried for a few weeks each. On the last picture you can see the painting absorbing the sun, if you are in front of it, it looks like a woman bathing there in the sun LOL! I have never seen this on any of my acrylics, although I also love that medium, oils do have something magical when the sun shines…on my crappy phone pictures it is hard to imagine, but I just wanted to at least try and share…

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5 responses to “Oil in progress

  1. Knowing your determination and extraordinary ability to adapt to different mediums, I am sure that it will become a masterpiece and that in time you will create many more. You are and always will be – in all aspects, a unique person.



  2. Those who know you well, are aware what unusually happens if you ‘try’ something šŸ™‚ A great artist is often a person of extremes and you are definitely both….


  3. Hi Marissa,

    Again another beautiful piece of art!
    I’m not much of a poster, but i do follow your work and you always seem to amaze me!

    Thanks for allowing me to be your last ab-student last year! I had a great time, learned tons and was able to admire some of your beautiful art.


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