This is a recent student who started airbrushing again a few months ago and did my master workshop, where I introduced him to my 3-step color mixing method and applying them, I also showed him some new techniques: STEVE LINK

Nothing makes me more proud then to see the results of my students and then hopefully go their own way. He made me proud and it proves that my new techniques do work and he really understood everything I thought him, which will open a path for him to create his own world with these new techniques. Go Steve!!! And sorry I used you as my guinea-pig πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Intro

  1. Marissa,

    Now you make me feel proud !!
    I really wanted to thank you for the chance you gave me and all this credit here from an artist like you !
    wooow…I even feel a little overwhelmed cs i don’t think it’s easy making you proud.! πŸ˜‰
    like you know all of this was unreachable for me for a long time. And althow there will b more challenges along the way …i must admit that you boosted my technical level to a point were obstacles became a challenge and challenge’s are nothing but a wrong view … so i had the premiere of your new technique’s …and the proof they work ?… i still remember your face when after your color theory explanation i had that first color right in about 3 or 4 mixes … and then the words ….”this was not the intention to go so good /fast steve” . lol
    And no sorry needed at all …and otherwise i consider myself among the luckiest guinea pig’s ever … i’m shure a lot of the other one’s would have sacrificed their soul to b in my place and experience your tests !! πŸ˜‰
    Ps: can’t wait to see part 2 of the little drummer and that personal touch…very inspiring vid !


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