Little Drummer

This painting started as a joke, to have some fun with an airbrush and an improvised workspace, a broken nozzle and lot’s of fun. The first part of the making of can be found earlier on my blog, part two will follow soon.

The result is the little 3-year old Atillio (Tata) playing his drums. He wants to become a drummer, loves colors, drawing and technical stuff and of course some confirmation of the audience that is listening to him to see if the groove is right…

I put the character of this little person in the painting and hope he likes it.

The painting is done mainly freehand, partly with a micron cm c+, the second part was done with a cm-sb. Occasionally a paper shield or an art tool mini-shield has been used to keep some edges sharp when they needed to be sharp. The background has lot’s of texture on top of the airbrushed colors, done with color pencils to give it some extra “swing” and loosen it up.


Iwata cm c+  Iwata cm sb, Etac FX, Schoellershammerboard, caran d’ache pencils, size: 20 cm x 26,5 cm

x Marissa


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