It was an awesome experience with great people and atmosphere. I am still overwhelmed by the generous gifts and applause we got after the workshop, thank you for making this an unforgettable week!

Your effort was really impressive, but of course you all had to, after Frank and the group choose this hard subject instead of the pretty and “easy” smooth faces that are usually done haha!

Your wish is my command and off we go! Viggo, our model, showed us no mercy and the battle began. Lot’s of fun, talent and patience, airbrushing, paint and good food flied around!

Also the introduction class, one day before the workshop, was really good. Marion was the only one that really never touched an airbrush before and got trained with “Luft und farben” by Carlo for at least two hours LOL! The result of Marion after dot’s, lines and shapes this day was the following picture:

Here are some results and pictures of the workshop, also a special thanks to my super-assistant Carlo and superhero Frank, for making this possible and great fun for all.

Some pictures, as a result of the workshop. The demo is included as well…

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