more pictures

Eduardo at work and one close up of the demo.

I already miss Eduardo, the serano and riocha….great job you did here Eduardo! He almost finished it in the studio on his own, during some extended studio time on the last day, while I was away. A bit scared at first, but after a few minutes he bravely picked up the airbrush and continued…this is the result 🙂 All pictures have been made with the phone, so the quality is not the best, but it gives you a  good impression.


7 responses to “more pictures

  1. simply beautiful !!!!! Congratulations to the teacher and his student … my respect and admiration from Venezuela

  2. Marissa!
    Thanks a lot for your kind words, you were more than a teacher to me, a very good friend. I never expected the feeling of been like at my own home, with the best airbrush teacher on portraits and realism i ever saw.
    I learned a lot, this workshop really pushed me to continue, amazing technique, easy to learn…what can i say… i really do appreciate all your profesionality, your help, and your friendly way of teaching. Guys, this woman is also sooo cute and pretty!!! :))
    My best regards 4u, Carlo and of course, “mi papá” Aad!!
    See u soon,
    Eduardo Bascuñana

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