New* Marissa FX paintsets


ETAC Marissa FX paintsets. They arrived today, and orders can be processed!

The colors are more luminous and re- water soluble. Easy erasing and scratching.
They come with a pipet, 1 oz bottles, packed as two sets.
A base set (IDEAL for Tech’nEZ) with all ochers, sepia, burnt umber and fleshteint
And an additional set with culebra gold, grey, white, green, pyrrole red and phthalo blue.
Black can be ordered separately.
The price is €39,50 per 6pack and 75,-€ for both sets, excl shipping.

For orders we accept paypal and banktransfers.
Later this year a webshop will follow with lot’s of goodies.

Voor informatie over deze sets,
gelieve een mailtje te sturen.
Later dit jaar volgt een online shop, vol leuke dingen, zodat bestellen nóg makkelijker wordt!


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