Airbrush demonstration on video


and a little behind the scenes:



This quick demo is made to test the new airbrush I have been given by Prof. Ing. Zsolt Kovacs. It is an Iwata cm-sb, coated with TiN and some additional tuning for better ergonomics. To complete this painting it took me nearly 5 hours from sketch to finished portrait.

The music is composed by Carlo Tedesco and Gianluca Cucchiara.

I hope you enjoy watching it!

X Marissa


7 responses to “Airbrush demonstration on video

  1. mooi filmpje Marissa zie nu wat ik anders doe en wat dingen die ik zou kunnen doen , nu nog praktisch leren he ga het zeker eens oefenen voor de cursus
    maar wauw wat kan je dat goed

  2. Hello, is there a release date for your dvd? I truly can’t wait till it comes out.

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