Airbrush Prototypes

This is a BIG THANK YOU to professor Zsolt!

Prof. Zsolt Kovacs has modified these airbrushes thanks to the cooperation of colleagues at the University of Brescia (UniBS) and with the technology made available by several partners. Some coatings are the same used in 2007 (prototypes), but some modifications belong to a new airbrush design  (link). There are around 20 modified parts in both airbrushes. Most of them are internal but I can definitely feel the difference between the previous models and the new ones. From my point of view this is top notch quality with regards to performance and control. I did not feel so much difference between a standard Iwata micron and the first 2 prototypes  except for the softer spring that made most of the difference to me. With these new alterations and materials I do feel it’s another planet. I am looking forward for the new prototype that has not been released yet. That last one would definitely make a big difference in the airbrush world with a totally new design and materials.

He asked us to help in the new design by giving a feedback on the modifications after a few month of intensive testing.

Below you can see the new prototypes of which I am speaking. I am using it since November 2012 and after intense use, I can now say it is the most responsive and reliable airbrush I have ever used. Especially the diamond smoothed k33 needle is a dream to work with after me using polished needles that only worked for a short amount of time and just get worse and started to spray automatically. I stopped using these polished needles unless it was polished as a repair to save a bend tip, than I would use it up until the point it started to spray automatic again and replace them for a standard new needle that actually perform better than the polished ones I ever had. I do not care so much about 0.10 mm finer lines but more about a reliable airbrush that keeps performing.Image


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