USA classes

I like to put a highlight on our USA classes, as we have still some spaces available and added a new one, a 2-day monochrome portraitclass in Houston at Strader studio.

We will be in Houston for  a 4-day portrait class and a 2-day monochrome class, for direct subscriptions surf to: Darryl Strader

The other classes we do are a 4-day portrait class  in Chicago (1 seat left) with a special tour through the Badger airbrush factory with very limited seats, to create a highly advanced portrait in 4 days. Don’t let this scare you though, we guide everyone at their own level and get out the maximum, by keeping a continuous observation and personal guidance.

Even if you have limited experience, you will be able to follow our tuition and get out everything you wanted and more.

for more info please contact  Badger

The last class on our list in the USA is at Bear air, in South Easton MA, a 4-day portrait class with lot’s of textures, skin, hair, in short all you need to know to paint a portrait.

for more info please contact   Bearair



NOTE: the paintings above are not the references for our USA classes, these are just samples of demonstrations made during a monochrome class and a portrait class.


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