Happy new year!

May all your wishes come true!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could paint just any fur type you are longing for? Here is your chance…

The animal class has just been finished and we have done this little painterly doggie and the cougar in 3 days of class. At the picture they are both in progress.

For our next animal class please check out our hosts: Julia Lazaridi in Sweden, Pete Millichamps of airbrushandpaints.co.uk in the UK and Darryl Strader in the USA! In Holland we will be doing a new animal class again after summer.

You can contact me if you like to get more info on how to sign up or visit them on your Facebook account.

You canals visit http://www.foxystudio.com and check out all courses, new ones will be added this week: USA, Canada, Limburg, Holland, Norway, Italy… these are all upcoming.

Furthermore we will be on a show in Rosmalen Autotron upcoming weekend, with live painting and displaying our artwork.Image



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