Competition results of our selfie contest

I proudly present our students (from beginners to advanced) who entered our selfie contest with the airbrush!
Feel free to share guys!For all participants, you can add your website in comments if you like to publish your link in this post for future possible assignments 🙂

The winners are:
1) Elad Yehezkel
2) Mario Posch
3) Pieter Lenaerts

And in category beginners:
Lukas Mundwiller

1) Elad Yehezkel.

2) Mario Posch.

3) Pieter Lenaerts.

1 B) Lukas Mundwiller.

And furthermore we put everyone on the 4th place haha! They were all fantastic and we are very proud with what they have made in such short time!
Thank you for participating everyone!

Elad with his 3 works and family


3 responses to “Competition results of our selfie contest

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  2. It was fun to do. I congratulate all participants with there achievement! Without the excellent teaching method of Marissa, this wouldn’t have been possible 😃👍

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