GET REAL! With Foxy studio


For all our courses (Nederlands, English, Italian translations) please visit:

Learn to paint/ airbrush like this in 7 easy to follow steps, with our unique Tech’nEZ teaching system!

The courses are in a relaxed environment, provided with all materials such as paint, exercise reference and canvas. Everyone can join one or more of our trainings, from beginner to professional. You will receive guidance on personal level and we have small groups to guarantee a maximum result for each student.

We show you how to build up images from scratch to a finished artwork, guiding you throughout a 3-step process filled with tips and tricks. The system is developed so that it can be followed and used by anyone, on any surface. We leave out famous scrape and erase techniques as much as possible as well as unneeded details, to ensure an optimum result and stunning painterly effect, looking beyond just a photo with a personal touch. Throughout my years and experience as an artist/illustrator I have found that this approach is much more valuable to the artist and art community.

Since our upgrade from board to our special MFX ultrasmooth canvas, we are able to show amazingly real portraits and make sure you go home with all knowledge to do so. You will see, that building up the painting is less hard than you think and that it is just the last step that requires some time and good practice to give it a spectacular finishing touch, but even without that last touch the paintings look amazingly real.

Of course you will see ALL of the steps and practice with them on your own canvas in class. In the end we do a little personal evaluation of your progress and tell you exactly what to do at home in order to keep growing and getting better.

We adjust our surface according to the subject, and explain why we do so. You will learn a lot about materials, colors, shapes, layering and textures. Paints and surfaces are an underestimated part of a painting process, and we will help you to choose your materials wisely per subject.

Marissa & Carlo:

“Our guidance doesn’t stop after class…we keep supporting you when you are home when you have questions or doubts”.

149386_995229417160803_2612058939039221064_n  1554609_955482534468825_8726769079151851996_n

1011753_822152304468516_198460608_n  wpid-fb_img_1422986156734.jpg

Lioness, Belgium

Note: The Tech’nEZ teaching system is property of Foxy Studio and can only be taught by Marissa Oosterlee & Carlo Tedesco. Any form of replication of our teaching system is forbidden.


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