Marissa Oosterlee

Veni Vidi Vici

For the past year we have been working non stop. Working to make the move from The Netherlands to Spain possible, pack the studios, drums, the shop and household together and drive our two dogs in the Mini to our new home.

A WHOLE new adventure, a warm breeze embracing us with new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

The dogs are adjusting really well, they like to run around and discover the garden and be lazy under a warm ray of sunlight. Heck!My partner became hyperactive just from seeing the sun and good food and I have a little volcano inside that is waiting to explode and paint all the concepts in my head. The sun, the food, the new place, it’s all overwhelming. There is also a lot more bureaucracy involved, here in this new country. They make you scout for documents, apply for things I’ve never even heard of, just before you can open a business or set foot as a resident, try importing the car! (how hard can it be, you might ask??!!Try!) Still wondering how thousands of other people before me have done it… HOW???

It’s all taking so much time, calling, driving, emails, and grey hairs, I actually got a few grey hairs after this year of roller coasting. Luckily I can easily spot them in between my sun kissed dark strings of hair and simply pull them out haha! Letting the hands of time stay away from me a little longer.

However non of these are problems, all of them are Challenges! I deal with them like a parcours. You run jump and train yourself to fly over obstacles the best way you can do. Ups do not come without downs.

Problems would be an insult if you see people suffering with their health or seeing their houses being flooded or burnt. Mother Earth is protesting against pollution and global warming is a fact. She is waving her angry arms around, trying to teach us a lesson.

My goal with my current painting project is to raise awareness to prevent trash from ending up in nature and fight global warming as much as I possibly can, to make everyone see how beautiful our oceans are and we CAN live in harmony if you all do your very best.

Post your painting or daily action against pollution and disposables. Tag me with #SeayoulaterMarissa on Instagram. Create awareness with me. Mother Earth will reward you.



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