Marissa Oosterlee

World Cleaning Up Day

September 11, 2021
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Cleaning up all the litter along your roads, together we can make this planet a whole lot cleaner!! 18 September is world cleaning up day. Will you and your friends help and save many animals from eating and choking plastic or other trash? Prevent any of that shit from going into our oceans and rivers? YOU CAN BE A HERO!!! Just pick up some gloves and a few trash bags, a picking stick if you might, and get started. Not just next week, but anytime you see dirt and you have the possibility to throw it away in a bin, you have contributed massively to the planet. Not only did you prevent animals and plants from dying in trash, but you are also a SAMPLE for all that see you doing it, causing a chain reaction until this behaviour gets normal. People follow leaders, be a leader, not a trashy one, but a clean one!

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