Oil on canvas, in progress, “Hamkaas no.2”


Lady Inge, acrylics on board


Lady Inge, acrylics on board


The Princess and the Frog, acrylics on board


Left Behind, airbrush (acrylics) on board


The 3 Musketeers, acrylics on canvas


Red Riding hood, airbrush on board


All together, airbrush on board

Fries "Hindrik"

Hindrik, acrylics on canvas


Queen Maxima, pencils and airbrush on board

A Royal portrait

Princess Beatrix, pencils, acrylics and airbrush on board

23 responses to “Paintings

  1. This is the most amazeing work i have ever seen.I saw the princess and frog on Airbrush Ithought it was a photo.My cousin reasured me it was a painting.I only dream of painting this good.I hope i can attend a workshop some day,Thank you.

    • Thank you very much Rob.

      Reach for the stars….learn how to mix colors and see shapes, learn about light and shadow, composition and brush up your techniques, let your imagination do the rest. If you have crossed the level you were looking for, try to go beyond it, keep learning, experimenting and painting…


  2. Hi lieverd,
    nog lekker druk of is t niet bij te houden?
    Ik heb een vraagje: is het mogelijk een snowboard te airbrushen? Wij hebben voor het 10-jarig bestaan van ons bedrijf de baas een snowboard aangeboden met een afbeelding van een Romeins schip wat gevonden is in Woerden en zo n beetje een kindje van hem is geworden maar de afbeelding is erop geplakt en zal in de loop der tijd er niet meer uitzien! Zou jij als t mogelijk is zo n board kunnen airbrushen en hoeveel zou dat gaan kosten?
    Ik hoor graag van je of t kan en wil je binnenkort ook ff zien hoor Maris….tis veel te lang geleden!!!
    dikke kus en heel veel liefs Sonja

  3. Your painting ‘left behind’ is my absolute favorite.. along with your self portrait. You captured the child’s spirit with this painting, FABULOUS!

  4. Wow! Seeing your paintings of members of the Dutch Royal Family takes me back to when I was living there! Absolutely wonderful! I know I keep putting exclamation points in my reply, but I am in awe LOL Love your dog paintings too; I draw them in pencil but this makes me thinking twice if I don’t want to switch to color… You have a new fan!

  5. Hi Marissa
    Just been looking at all your amazing Artwork and they are Beautiful
    and so realistic.
    Its so hard to pick a favourite but “Left Behind” is the most photo realistic painting I have ever seen,even though My Brain knows its a painting My eyes see a Photo,the lighting ,depth of field and finest detail are mind blowing.
    AWESOME,AMAZING,STUNNING there are not enough words to sum up your fantastic work.
    Thank You
    Keith 🙂

    • haha, thanks a lot Keith! 🙂 Will post Red riding hood soon, it is a combination of romance, and photorealism, still painterly but highly detailed in specific parts. You might like it too if you like LB and my self portrait 🙂
      Kindest regards, Marissa

  6. Hi Marissa
    I thought Dru Blair’s Tica was the most photo realistic
    painting I had seen until I saw “Left Behind” & “The Princess and the Frog”.
    What sets them apart and what is the most amazing feature is the
    stunning detailed backgrounds and the light reflections.
    I felt compelled to mention this as I am in Awe of these great works of art and hope you are making a fortune from this talent because you deserve to
    Thanks again
    Keith 🙂

  7. Hi Marissa
    I have seen the excellent results that your students have achieved in your Portrait courses and would love to do one of these courses BUT
    I have never used an Airbrush before and would I as a complete
    novice need any experience using an Airbrush before attending such a
    I can pencil draw but thats about it so far but after seeing the students amazing work I would love to be able to achieve the same results.
    Anyway keep up the great work.
    Keith 🙂

  8. Hi Keith, teaching you how to use an airbrush is not that hard if you already draw or paint. I actually prefer beginners as they have no “bad habits”. Feel free contacting us with any questions if you feel like giving it a try 😉

  9. Ik dacht dat ik wel wat skills had.. maar wat jij doet is unreal.. dankje voor de inspiratie ik zal beter mn best doen 🙂

  10. Hi Marissa

    I never had see such quality of paintings… Your painting are from the best i ever seen. Bravo!!! I’m very, very impressed!
    Kind regards

  11. Not only an amazing artist but also an incredible teacher and person as a whole. Its my privilege to know you and call you a friend. its a shame you are such a cheat at sjoelbak though heheh x

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