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Workshop LIVE ONLINE – Airbrush Hyperreal Portrait



Airbrush Workshop Online Live starting on 31 March – Watchback in HD


31 March, 1 , 7, 8 August

Time Live: 18-21.30h CET time

If you can’t attend live, you can watch back in HD the other day in the support group and upload all your progress and questions. You have 6 months to complete the project under my guidance.

Price is 595€ incl VAT

For those that don’t have any previous experience with airbrush I highly recommend the Monochromatic or Tiger in Jungle course on our Airbrush Online School

Several steps towards Realism

Are you someone that struggles starting or finishing a portrait at home, and love to learn the right steps to build up a solid painting? You are staring at a white canvas and when you finally put down the first color, you already regret going to dark. You continue anyway and start to erase or overpaint heavily. Ending up with muddy or damaged faces while you have spend hours and hours trying to make it look right. You put it away for a while and hope the next will be better

Are you ready to change that?

In this Masterclass we share all our knowledge on painting portraits with an airbrush. The workshop is filled with practical tips and demonstrations to show you every step of the way, while you get to practice with it after each demonstration.With proper guidance we make sure everyone can follow, no matter the level you are at. We are not saying it’s easy, but with the right information, guidance and practice you can get great results incredibly fast.

It’s a No-nonsense approach so you get to your goals swiftly, enjoy the process more and develop yourself into a true artist that feels the freedom to create anything you can possibly think of to express yourself.

I am Marissa Oosterlee, your personal instructor and I will show you how I paint my portraits from scratch till the end. Holding back secrets are not in my book and sharing my knowledge is my game. Get your Artistic Freedom and turn up a few levels, increasing your production and enjoying the process more.



Everyone makes mistakes, but if you know how to deal with them, you will just call it “making an adjustment”

Showing and making corrections, together with understanding the process, is perhaps even more important than finishing a full portrait. In this Masterclass we show you how to correct anything you can think of (Except for crossing over Stampedes on your artwork…:) But of course Mistakes aren’t our goal! If you follow our steps, you can prevent 95% of the common made mistakes when airbrushing. If you like the sound of this, check the list below and find out what else you can relate to.

  • You like to airbrush but when struggling you miss the passion and give up
  • You love to mix colors, but you have no idea what to do with them. 
  • You love to try colors, but it’s scary because you can’t predict them. Color is very predictable and therefore safe to use!!
  • You have so many ideas, but none of it is getting done because you have continuous doubts as you don’t feel good enough to technically tackle any of them.
  • You want to airbrush, but say you have no time. Nobody has time, you need to learn to make the time for it.
  • Another canvas ruined because you went to dark
  • Your textures are created with erasers and blades everyone is using, but they look so aggressive and unnatural. Does anyone want to look unnatural?
  • You are on a role but feel a little stuck or insecure on some points and would love feedback. Hey! We have a FREE support group!
  • You keep wondering how they do it –
  • You’ve tried everything but nothing came out the way you hoped for. Don’t hope, just DO it! 


Then Free your schedule from …. till ….. and we make sure these will be ghosts of the past.

What you want as an artist is:

  • Build up Confidence 
  • Knowhow on color behaviour
  • Work more Efficient
  • Honest Feedback of someone you can rely on and not your biggest fans in the Family & Friendzone.
  • Grow as an artist so you can widen your horizon 
  • Be Excited about each step your painting goes through

In this Online course we focus on Freehand airbrush techniques, but also show how to use other great tools besides an airbrush to create effects, textures or more sharpness in your realistic artwork.

What you learn in a nutshell to create a HYPER Real look:

  • Making your own painting from sketch till finished painting 
  • Various Airbrush techniques and when to use them
  • Observation techniques
  • Working with an underpainting
  • Understanding light and dark
  • Using the right paint-water-pressure ratio to get maximum control 
  • Work with color and understanding how and when to use transparent or opaque paint
  • How to correct or prevent mistakes
  • Rendering facial features and make sure they blend in with the rest of the face
  • Where and when to use textures and highlights
  • Make things look more real then a photo
  • When to add detail and when to absolutely not.
  • Find the Balance in your artwork


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