About me and the workshops

Marissa Oosterlee (1981) is a Dutch artist and illustrator. Her late granduncle was the established American illustrator and pin-up artist Leo Jansen.
Over the following years, Marissa acquired worldwide attention with her photorealistic paintings. In these works Marissa creates her own reality, convincingly realized with photorealistic painting techniques. Besides photorealism, Marissa masters classical realism as well, which she mainly uses for painting portraits and animals. Her love for nature can be recognized in her magical realistic works, sensitively depicting the world of fairies, elves and forest animals. She has been awarded several times for her work. In 2004, she won a national Dutch painting competition with her portrait of the Queen of Holland. Also, she was finalist in a prestigious painting competition organized by Artist’s Magazine for her work ‘Left Behind’ (2007). Q&A’s and works by her have been published by several newspapers, tv programms, international magazines like Airbrush Art and Action, Airbrush Step By Step, and Art Scene International. Marissa gives demonstrations at airbrush and art shows throughout Europe and the UK. Nowadays she remains in The Netherlands, running her own gallery and studio (Marissa Art Studio), where she works and gives workshops together with Carlo Tedesco, who is also known for his band Phonorama and their album “Retrology”.



For all our courses (Nederlands, English, Italian translations) please visit:



Learn to paint/ airbrush like this in 7 easy to follow steps, with our unique Tech’nEZ teaching system!


The courses are in a relaxed environment, provided with all materials such as paint, exercise reference  and canvas. Everyone can join one or more of our trainings, from beginner to professional. You will receive guidance on personal level and we have small groups to guarantee a maximum result for each student.

We show you how to build up images from scratch to a finished artwork, guiding you throughout a 3-step process filled with tips and tricks. The system is developed so that it can be followed and used by anyone, on any surface. We leave out the the famous scrape and erase techniques as much as possible as well as unneeded details, to ensure an optimum result and stunning painterly effect, looking beyond just a photo with a personal touch.

Since our upgrade from board to our special MFX ultrasmooth canvas, we are able to show amazing real portraits and make sure you go home with all knowledge to do so. You will see that building up the painting is less hard than you think and that it is just the last step that requires some time and good practice to give it a spectacular finishing touch, but even without it looks amazingly real.

Of course you will see ALL of the steps and practice with them on your own canvas in class. In the end we do a little personal evaluation of your progress and tell you exactly what to do at home in order to keep growing and getting better.

Marissa & Carlo:

“Our guidance doesn’t stop after class…we keep supporting you when you are home when you have questions or doubts”.

Note: The Tech’nEZ teaching system is our trademark and can only be taught by Marissa Oosterlee & Carlo Tedesco. Any form of replication of our teaching system is forbidden.



Lioness, Belgium

Lioness, Belgium



16 responses to “About me and the workshops

  1. Maris is gewoon een toppertje
    Super lief(tegen mij althans).
    En wat dat berichtje betreft je hebt gelijk.;)
    Heel veel sterkte met de fair.
    Bel me wanneer ik moet komen goed.

    x Denny

  2. Ongelovelijk wat deze vrouw maakt.
    Ik heb lang moeten kijken (dacht het waren fotos) om vast te stellen dat het gebrushed was.
    Ik heb dit ook een paar autospuitgarages hier gestuurd per mail, en die hadden zoiets moois nog nooit gezien. Die dachten ook ,het zijn fotos.
    Marissa je bent grandioos en ik wens je verder heel veel succes met dit mooie werk.
    Ongelovelijk wat voor een talent.
    Lieve groeten uit Duitsland,

  3. hoi marrisa ik ben een beginnende airbrusher ik heb jou gezien op de beurs in antwerpen
    wat een hele leuke dag was met goede artisten ik was met mijn vrouw en dochter angelica(als je dat nog voor je kan halen)
    zij vond je ook aardig je had nog een handtekening gegeven je werk is nog beter als een kopie ik hoop een keer om een cursus b.v tips en trucs te krijgen als je dat nog doet en betaalbaar is en mijn dochtertje tekenles.
    veel succes met je fantastische kunst.

    met vriendelijke groet,

  4. Hè Maris wat een verhaal je biografie ,complimenten voor de prachtige dingen die je maakt,en wat geef je fantastisch,duidelijk goed les en vooral gezellig ,helder.en wat ben je een lieve fijne vrouw voor iedereen tijd en aandacht .fijn om je te kennen.veel geluk .lieve groeten Sonja vollebregt

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