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Angerona – Goddess of Secrecy & Protector of Rome

May 14, 2021
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The love for Myths and finding a part of truth hat myths are based upon is large. Marissa feels strongly connected with mythical creatures that bring energy, curiosity and a sense of power and safety with them. With Angerona, you can feel the energy through her gaze, and know that all your secrets are safe with her.

Angerona is an ancient Roman Goddess, she protects our secrets and Rome.

Angerona is also a moth. The moths and 24ct Gold symbolise the importance of her job as keeper of Silence as well.

Fun Fact

In Roman religion, Angerona or Angeronia was an old Roman goddess, whose name and functions are variously explained. She is sometimes identified with the goddess Feronia

According to ancient authorities, she was a goddess who relieved men from pain and sorrow, or delivered the Romans and their flocks from angina (quinsy). Also she was a protecting goddess of Rome and the keeper of the sacred name of the city, which might not be pronounced lest it should be revealed to her enemies. It was even thought that Angerona itself was this name.

Dumézil considers this peculiar feature of Angerona’s statue to hint to a prerogative of the goddess which was well known to the Romans, i.e. her will of requesting silence. He remarks silence in a time of cosmic crisis is a well documented point in other religions, giving two instances from Scandinavian and Vedic religion.

Statue of Angerona, one of the sculptures in the Schönbrunn Garden (1773–80); note the fingers on lips