Marissa Oosterlee


Sold out!


Sold out!



These are very precious little works of art.
I delicately choose my coins and matching nowadays faces of celebrities to be painted as their reincarnations. The series of art coins are therefore called Reincoination.
It takes a long time to make these little jewels, and therefor can not be compared to the value of the original coin they are painted on.
The painting process is complicated and hard, but made with love and the utmost care and precision, to be enjoyed for a lifetime by collectors of art and coins.
Each Artcoin is a unique piece and comes with a nice frame, a certificate and includes shipping worldwide.
If you see an Artcoin you like that is already sold out, you can request to have a similar one made. Just mail to

“Sean Coinnery”


John Mayer with his Artcoin, the “Reincoination of John Mayer”