Marissa Oosterlee

HD ALU Print -Washing Away My Sorrows IV




Owning an original piece of Art, is one of the most precious and personal things you can have. Watching up close to the use of colours and feeling the textures is an experience on its own. You can feel the artist’s spirit around you.

Each painting is a creation made by hand, using just brushes and paint, creating life on a white canvas.

These ALU HD prints are as close as it gets to owning an original piece of art, printed as a LTD edition of only 25.  They come with a clever hanging system and do not need to be framed.  Each  ALU HD print comes with a pair of gloves and anti static towel to keep it clean.

Marissa Oosterlee (1981) is a Successful Award winning International Artist from the Netherlands.

“Water reminds us, all shall pass in time. With my representations I want to portray reality. We are all part of a larger whole, but we do not always see that. I believe in the power and the endless possibilities of on image” – Marissa

The longer you look at water, the more abstract it will become. It will also get tangible and real. The women in the water are far away and at the same time very close. Their eyes are usually closed. You wonder what they are thinking … are they actually still in this world with their mind?

Her latest series “Washing Away My Sorrows” is about the then, now and later. Life without water is not possible. Water symbolises purity, clarity, tranquility. It reminds us that we need to clear our thoughts every now and then and that we must strive for a state of purity.