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First month in Javea, Spain

July 6, 2021
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For those that don’t know me yet, I am Marissa, a Dutch Artist that recently moved to Spain, Javea, looking for change of nature and adventures, that will eventually lead to new paintings, as I’m inspired heavily by my daily routines, or weekly impressions.
First impression here in Javea in one word: CANTBELIEVEILIVEHEREWOW!

Attached you find a small painting I made for the Dutch actor Peter Faber, another story for another post… this was handed over to Peter during a film session for Dutch TV, the last thing I did in The Netherlands…I moved in the first week of June and ended up in a rollercoaster!

It’s a lot of work to move to a new house, but to move 2300 km further down the road and pack/unpack your 50m3 artshop and paintings, plus carrying 2 dogs travelling in a mini isn’t as easy as I hoped! Luckily me and my partner are the best team in the world and we start to see light at the end of the tunnel, a studio nearly ready and my private studio plus filming studio already set up!

I can no longer hold my excitement, COME SEE MY STUDIO and learn painting/airbrushing in the most inspiring warm welcoming environment possible!

I decided to keep classes to a minimum of 6 students for the largest amount of attention. You will be able to explore the garden, pool, play a match of table tennis and go for a hike in the forest behind the villa. Also the beach is just a 15 minute walk and anything you can possibly think of is here in Javea. It’s a large expat community, with mainly English, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish inhabitants, which makes your stay quite comfortable knowing you can speak any of these languages somewhere to be understood. If that doesn’t work, use feet and hands 😀

Plenty of little towns all around and many hotels/B&B’s and campings as well to guarantee the right stay for you.

In case you like to study in private with me on extreme high level, you can book per day and that will include an ensuite guest room with unlimited practicing time in the studio, plus all amenities around the house and you can even borrow an electric step or mountainbike to go work out or for some sightseeing, as there’s plenty to see!

More about the upcoming classes and opportunities soon!!

˚ Marissa

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