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March 16, 2022
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These two new additions to my Washing Away My Sorrows series have just been varnished and are ready for display!


“Reflection”, oil paint on oil primed round panel 1 x 1 meter


The Washing Away My Sorrows series was always about the empowerment we experience when we remove ourselves from the fires that forge and shape us as women. 

Where I originally started with self portraits within this series, creating awareness for the climate change and our precious waters being polluted,  I now also reflect power, highlight issues and feelings through women worldwide. 

The Black Lives Matters section of this series speaks to this sentiment poignantly.


“Metallic Reef” which contains 24ct Gold flakes on the full background, acrylics and oil paint 100 x 70 cm


It’s inspired on metal pollution from agriculture and shipping poses an emerging threat to coral reefs.


More information about them will be published soon, along with a good scan instead of my phone shots.

Hope you like them!


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