Marissa Oosterlee

Giclees – ‘Washing away my sorrows’ on museum archival quality cotton paper 76 x 101,5 cm


50 in stock



Washing away my sorrows is a series with deep inner thoughts, but also refers to the problematic pollution,  climate change and how it affects the oceans and all living creatures in it. Beauty of all living creatures must be preserved. These artworks should be a constant reminder of that and each individual his or her own sorrows should be washed away when looking at clean and streaming water.

Water stands for Life, Fertility, Energy,  Birth and Refreshment. Streaming water represents change and past tense.

The size of this Artwork is 80 x 100 cm and the beautiful white border around the print is about 5 cm all around. This extra border prevents  framing from covering the artwork.

Giclees are limited to 50 pieces, signed and numbered. You can send an email if you have a special request for a number.

The Giclee paper is:

  • White
  • Characteristic, beautiful defined felt structure
  • Matt premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
  • Acid- and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance

The process The production of high-quality Certified Art Giclée art prints starts with photographing (digitizing) the original, preferably on a Cruse reprocamera. From the digital file, with the help of. color conversion and proofing worked as close as possible to the original and multiple tests will be made. In many cases the artist will edit the digital file so that it retains its own character. A digital master file is created after approval from the artist. The limited art print run is made from this master file. The Giclée is produced piece by piece and is always of a gridless quality.

A single print (depending on size) can take up to an hour. It is therefore not a mass production process. The production of a Certified Art Giclée ™ is a traditional piece of work and is usually carried out by a master printer.

A big advantage of the Giclée is that one can start with one piece and reorder on demand (printing on demand), we ensure that there is no color difference between the first and last print. Our printing is done by one of the best professional art printing companies around and ensures the longest duration possible.